Nov 05, 2013

Conky eye candy clocks and meters

So my laptop broke anyway, but on the bright side - I've got fairly large (certainly by my display standards) desktop fullhd screen now.

While restoring OS there, decided to update ~/.conkyrc (see conky), as it was kinda small for this larger screen, so why not put some eye-candy there, while at it?

conky screenshot

Leftmost radial meters show (inner-to-outer) clock with hands and rings right next to them, blue-ish cpu arcs (right-bottom, outer one is load summary, inner ones are per-core), used (non-cache) memory/swap (left), network traffic (top-right, green/red arcs for up/down) and / and /home df arcs (outer top).

On the right it's good ol' binary clock.

All drawings are lua script, all text and graphs below is conky's magic.
Rings are adapted from "Clock Rings" script here, just added background planes and binary clock, because why not...

Whole script to draw the things can be found in de-setup repo on gh along with full conkyrc I currently use.