Jan 27, 2013

Headless Skype to IRC gateway part 2 - SkypeKit

Thought it should be (hardly) worth a notice that Skype (well, Microsoft now) offers a thing called SkypeKit.

To get it, one have to jump through a dozen of hoops, including long registration form, $5 "tax for your interest in out platform" and wait for indefinite amount of time for invite to the privileged circle of skype hackers.

Here's part of the blurb one have to agree to:

By registering with Skype Developer, you will have access to confidential information and documentation relating to the SkypeKit program that has not been publicly released ("Confidential Information") and you agree not to disclose, publish or disseminate the Confidential Information to any third party (including by posting on any developer forum); and to take reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorised use, disclosure, publication or dissemination of the Confidential Information.
Just WOW!
What a collossal douchebags people who came up with that must be.
I can't even begin to imagine sheer scale of idiocy that's going on in the organization to come up with such things.
And just as these things often go, here's the Pirate Bay link.
But I think I'd rather respect the right of whoever came up with that "hey, let's screw developers" policy, if only to avoid (admittedly remote) chance of creating something useful for a platform like that.