Feb 03, 2012

On github as well now

Following another hiatus from a day job, I finally have enough spare time to read some of the internets and do something about them.

For quite a while I had lots of quite small scripts and projects, which I kinda documented here (and on the site pages before that).
I always kept them in some kind of scm - be it system-wide repo for configuration files, ~/.cFG repo for DE and misc user configuration and ~/bin scripts, or ~/hatch repo I keep for misc stuff, but as their number grows, as well as the size and complexity, I think maybe some of this stuff deserves some kind of repo, maybe attention, and best-case scenario, will even be useful to someone but me.

So I thought to gradually push all this stuff out to github and/or bitbucket (still need to learn or at least look at hg for that!). github being the most obvious and easiest choice, just created a few repos there and started the migration. More to come.

Still don't really trust a silo like github to keep anything reliably (besides it lags like hell here, especially compared to local servers I'm kinda used to), so need to devise some mirroring scheme asap.
Initial idea is to take some flexible tool (hg seem to be ideal, being python and scm proper) and build a hooks into local repos to push stuff out to mirrors from there, ideally both bitbucket and github, also exploiting their metadata APIs to fetch stuff like tickets/issues and commit history of these into separate repo branch as well.

Effort should be somewhat justified by the fact that such repos will be geo-distributed backups, shareable links and I can learn more SCM internals by the way.

For now - me on github.