Nov 12, 2010

Moar free time!

As of today, I'm unemployed once again.

Guess now I'll have time to debug and report a btrfs-systemd crash, read all the feeds, fix some long-standing issues on my home servers, update an antique web setup, write a few watch-notify scripts there, deploy/update a configuration management systems, update/finish/publish a few of my spare-time projects, start playing with a lot of new ideas, check out networking tools like connman, wicd, nm and a bunch of other cool-stuff oss projects, write a few hooks for plotting and graphing stuff in real-time, adapt emacs mail/rss tools, update other elisp stuff, emacs itself, a few symbian-to pc event hooks, check out gnustep environment, ltu lang articles, pybrain and a few other simple machine-learning implementations, some lua-ai for spring, play a lot of games I've missed in past few years, read a few dozen books I've already uploaded but never had a time to, study linear and geometric algebra... maybe find a new job, even, before I starve?

Nah, nobody in the world have that much time... ;)