Apr 25, 2010

Exherbo / paludis fossil syncer

So far I like exherbo way of package management and base system layout.
I haven't migrated my desktop environment to it yet, but I expect it shouldn't be a problem, since I don't mind porting all the stuff I need either from gentoo or writing exheres for all I need from scratch.
First challenge I've faced though was due to my late addiction to fossil scm, which doesn't seem to neither be in any of exherbo repos listed in unavailable meta-repository, nor have a syncer for paludis, so I wrote my own dofossil syncer and created the repo.
Syncer should support both fossil+http:// and fossil+file:// protocols and tries to rebuild repository data from artifacts' storage, should it encounter any errors in process.

Repository, syncer and some instructions are here.

Thought I'd give google some keywords, should someone be looking for the same thing, although I'd probably try to push it into paludis and/or "unavailable" repo, when (and if) I'll get a bit more solid grasp on exherbo concepts.