Apr 10, 2010

Auto-away for pidgin

Lately I've migrated back to pidgin from gajim through jabber.el. The thing which made it necessary was XFire support (via gfire plugin), which I've needed to communicate w/ my spring clanmates.
I'd have preferred jabber-xfire transport instead, but most projects there look abandoned and I don't really need extensive jabber-features support, so pidgin is fine with me.
The only thing that's not working there is auto-away support, so it can change my status due to inactivity.
Actually it changes the status to "away" but for no reason at all, regardless of idle time, and refuses to set it back to active even when I click it's window and options.

Well, good thing is that pidgin's mature enough to have dbus interface, so as the most problems in life, this one can be solved with python ;)

First thing to check is pidgin dbus interface and figure out how the states work there: you have to create a "state" with the appropriate message or find it among stored ones then set it as active, storing id of the previous one.
Next thing is to determine a way to get idle time.
Luckily, X keeps track of activity and I've already used xprintidle with jabber.el, so it's not a problem.
Not quite a native py solution, but it has workaround for one bug and is much more liteweight than code using py-xlib.
From there it's just an endless sleep/check loop with occasional dbus calls.
One gotcha there is that pidgin can die or be closed, so the loop has to deal with this as well.

All there is...

Get idle time:

def get_idle():
  proc = Popen(['xprintidle'], stdout=PIPE)
  idle = int(proc.stdout.read().strip()) // 1000
  return idle

Simple dbus client code:

pidgin = dbus.SessionBus().get_object(
  'im.pidgin.purple.PurpleService', '/im/pidgin/purple/PurpleObject' )
iface = dbus.Interface(pidgin, 'im.pidgin.purple.PurpleInterface')

Get initial (available) status:

st = iface.PurpleSavedstatusGetCurrent()
st_type = iface.PurpleSavedstatusGetType(st)
st_msg = iface.PurpleSavedstatusGetMessage(st)

Create away/na statuses:

st_away = iface.PurpleSavedstatusNew('', status.away)
  st_away, 'AFK (>{0}m)'.format(optz.away // 60) )
st_na = iface.PurpleSavedstatusNew('', status.xaway)
  st_na, 'AFK for quite a while (>{0}m)'.format(optz.na // 60) )

And the main loop:

while True:
  idle = get_idle()
  if idle > optz.away:
    if idle > optz.na:
      log.debug('Switched status to N/A (idle: {0})'.format(idle//60))
      log.debug('Switched status to away (idle: {0})'.format(idle//60))
    if iface.PurpleSavedstatusGetType(
        iface.PurpleSavedstatusGetCurrent() ) in (status.away, status.xaway):
      log.debug('Restored original status (idle: {0})'.format(idle//60))

Bonus of such approach is that any other checks can be easily added - fullscreen-video-status, for example, or emacs-dont-disturb status. I bet there are other plugins for this purposes, but I'd prefer few lines of clean py to some buggy .so anytime ;)

Here's the full code.