Feb 28, 2010

snmpd-pyagentx or re-discovery of sf.net

Since I've put some two-day effort into creation of net-snmp snmpd extension and had some free time to report bug in source of this inspiration, thought I might as well save someone trouble of re-inventing the wheel and publish it somewhere, since snmpd extension definitely looks like a black area from python perspective.

I've used sf.net as a project admin before, publishing some crappy php code for hyscar project with pretty much the same reasons in mind, and I didn't like the experience much - cvs for code storage and weird interface are among the reasons I can remember, but I'll gladly take all this criticism back - current interface has by far exceed all my expectations (well, prehaps they were too low in the first place?).

Putting up a full-fledged project page took me (a complete n00b at that) about half an hour, everything being simple and obvious as it is, native-to-me git vcs, and even trac among the (numerous) features. Damn pleasant xp, making you wanna upload something else just for the sake of it ;)

Oh, and the project is snmpd-pyagentx, freshmeat page included.
Just an alpha right now, but I'll polish and deploy it in production in a day or two, so no worries.